Towbox v3 for luggage

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TowBox V3 is placed on the towbar of the vehicle and is now presented in a much more modern version and in line with the aesthetics of current cars and still with better performance than the previous two versions.
The new Towbox v3 is more ergonomic, including full LED rear lights, pedal tilt, new frame with landscape system, open or closed interchangeable grilles (optional) and integrated wheels for easy transport when the Towbox needs to be moved.
Content: 400L
Empty weight: 38 kg
Load: 37 kg (for a towbar up to 75 kg ball pressure) Load: 50 kg (for a towbar up to 90 kg ball pressure)
Dimensions: 120 cm x 75.5 cm x 67.5 cm Collors Urban Black - Classic Grey - Artic white - Marine Blue Sport Orange - Camper Green
Price: 825 euros incl VAT  (Paypal + 5%)
(Also for sale as a dog for 825 euros incl VAT)
Delivery time around 2 weeks                                                                                                                                          Delivery costs on request

Picking up from stock can also be done  in Loppem / Zedelgem also on Sundays. (by appointment only)                Picking up the Towbox is possible by your courier service. (by appointment only)

Address Loppem:
Rijselse str 24a
8210 Loppem-Zedelgem West Flanders
Tel: 0476 95 36 34
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Make sure that the exhaust of your car is not too close to the Towbox it can cause damage!

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