Towbox Cargo

Cargo TOWBOX  
Ref :. TBC0001
310.00 €  incl VAT

Shipping costs on request                                                                                                                                                                                

Multi-platform placed on the towbar of your car, allows you to effortlessly transport all sorts of items such as strollers, wheelchairs, luggage, etc.
The Towbox Cargo does not affect the permitted speed of your car.
The Towbox Cargo can be placed by one person in a few seconds.
It is the best ally for large loads. Also avoid contaminating your vehicle when transporting dirty or wet objects. ATTENTION! Secure your load to prevent loss of objects!
Dimensions: 1120x696 mm.
Empty weight: 21 kg.
Consult the manual of your vehicle for the permissible weight on the Cargo. For most cars, the total weight of Towbox Cargo + cargo = 75kg
Note: Handi Duffel bag transport is not included .

Delivery time + - 14 days

Warranty 2 years

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